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It's fine to offer—but anybody who knows me, or is a gentleman, the guy will not let you pay. Like, "Hey, let's go out for drinks," and then they bring their roommate and a few friends. __Glamour__: If I was going on a date with you, there is no way I would invite others to come along. Another Don't: Do not get on your phone and check Instagram in the middle of a date. " Do you just keep staying in a relationship forever and ever, but will you be resentful at some point?If you are dating someone for a while though, let her pick up a breakfast or something if she offers. But here's a Don't: Don't bring all your friends and expect me to pay for them. That means you're more interested in what your other friends are doing than this conversation right now, and that will make me uninterested. Or do you break up and not enjoy what could be great? __Glamour: How do your buddies know if you're really into a girl? [*Laughs*] When I don't like somebody, I don't keep them around.

Taking matters into their own hands the guys crash the meeting and accidently get their music banned from Selmart stores.

But little does Vega know, she's actually not the first person to sport the canary diamond stunner.

"I had it for a solid month," Pena told MTV News of the ring.

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Big Time Rush's Carlos Pena and his fiancée, "Spy Kids" star Alexa Vega.

The happy couple, who have been dating since last year, announced their engagement via Twitter last week, with Vega proudly showing off her stunning engagement ring.

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