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That means photos from your i Phone and i Pad aren’t making their way onto your Mac like you would expect.

Here’s how to make My Photo Stream start syncing to Photos again.

The update features several new features as well as lets you turn off several of the new recent features that many Hipstamaddicts have said takes away from the app’s original appeal, which is to shoot old-school, what you shoot is what you get, analog-style.

Users can now completely hide the new pro camera and editing modules in Hipstamatic 304.

As a silent lover of the oggl app, I really like having the option to go back and edit my film and lens settings in post, or to import raw photos from my camera roll and experiment. My favorite lens and film combo, by the way, are still “Shake to Randomize,” although the excellent new Montreal Hipsta Pak is giving that a run for the money.

One of the other big new features of the new update is supposed to allow you to export all of your old Hipstamatic 200-series photos from the app’s own photo library to the i Phone’s. The new update has other improvements and bug fixes as well.

Tapping this three-dot menu button doesn't yield any options that allow for shuffling, and the popup's appearance might lead you to believe that you can't scroll up or down—but that's not the case.

Like Google Maps on the web, the Google Maps SDK for i OS represents the world's surface (a sphere) on your device's screen (a flat plane) using the Mercator projection.

Basically, they took what was good with the oggl app, improved it, and combined it with Hipstamatic to make it one of the most powerful, comprehensive photo apps in the App Store.

Many users felt, though, that the new tools took away from the old-school, analog charm of the original Hipstamatic, which required a basic knowledge of the films and lenses you used and that you got what you shot.

You will also be able to use both in XCode without getting any errors.

But only the second one will actually get the image properly.

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(Option 1 - doesn't work, but XCode doesn't flag it): func image Picker Controller(picker: UIImage Picker Controller, did Finish Picking Media With Info info: [String : Any Object]) (Option 2 - this is the right syntax!

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