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Check back often for the most current list of available vehicles.As we are always refreshing our inventory, we cannot guarantee the vehicles in this listing will still be available when you arrive.Cincinnati is Ohio's third largest city and the largest metro region, and lies on the north bank of the Ohio River in Southwest Ohio in the United States of America. Ohio also has laws against youngster prostitution, solicitation, and loitering for the purpose of prostitution.

Visit our volunteer page for information on how to get involved with your local Planned Parenthood health center or call your local PP directly.

Ole Miss is facing 21 accusations from the NCAA about improper recruiting.

That includes the dreaded Lack of institutional control and failure to monitor," which could result in increased penalties against Freeze.

Now what kind of upgrades can I do or even if I should? I am assuming the transmission is going out, My question is how much does a transmission usually cost for the year and type of car? Does that sound like the transmission is going out?

:cool: Hi, first thing i would is pull the dipstick for transmission, its kinda hard too find, under the power brake booster, left side of engine compartment, small black knob for handel, should be between the crosshacth pattern onb the stick,when hot and be carefull,wear some sorta glove, lightesth red in color, if brown and burnt smell, i would change it out and go for anthor test drive, while changing out fluid , change the filter out too, my manual i think says too do this every three years or so many miles, most dont do it, till its gets too this stage, i have a 1995 model, great little car , Everett.:cool:p.s, the transmission around here start at 5 and up , and you pull it,. For the price of the car (0) you can't beat it, even if the transmission is going out.

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